Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Green With Anxiety

It has taken me a long time to admit, and feel comfortable with it, but I am a high strung person. I tend to over think things and stress out about little stuff. I've had a hard time coming to terms with being an anxious person, because I also am a guilty person who feels that others handle more than me on a regular basis and therefore I don't have a right to get anxious.

So when Jake left yesterday for a week trip to the Vail/Beaver Creek CO for a work. I was not only green with envy, I was extremely anxious at the thought of taking care of Lucy all by myself, and trying to get most of my final project for class done this weekend.

Jake works from home, so it is rare that we have to leave Lucy for very in her crate. But with him being gone, I was freaking out about having to have her in her crate for.....gasp 5 hours at once.

She made it through today just fine, so I am calming done some. I still have homework to do tonight, and class to get though tomorrow night so we'll see how those go. The we tackle the project this weekend.

Wish me luck Internet!


jake said...

You are a wonderful woman... with easily the capability to take care of a puppy :) I have faith in you!

Andie said...

It is very good to know your weaknesses. One of mine is lack of follow-through. Start cleaning the kitchen, never finish, start a painting, never finish. So, I have to tell myself- "FINISH! you must finish it!"

:) Best wishes on your project.