Saturday, January 10, 2009

Officially a Texas Homemaker

I filed for Texas residence status with my school in October. Jake and I have been here for over a year now, so I thought it would be no problem for me to get residence at school, and therefore get in-state tuition.

It would seem logical to a girl that if one possesses a Texas drivers license, a voter registration card and voted in Texas, has Texas plates on her car, and overall contributes to the Texas economy she would be consider a Texas resident. That girl would be wrong. All of these lovely examples only count as secondary proof that I am a resident. From the schools perspective in order to be consider a Texas resident, I would need to have held a job for 12 solid months, so my 10 month stint didn't count. Be married to a Texas resident, own a home in Texas, or be able to prove that I have spent the last 12 months as a homemaker doing jobs that would otherwise have been hired out.

Well after talking with the school registrar, the only category I fit into is the homemaker category. So I had to have Jake write a letter stating that I have not been working so that I could support him and run our home. So 1950's.

But whatever, we did it. The school now considers me a resident, I'll get lower tuition, and everyone will be happy.

Do you suppose this means I have to start doing the laundry now?


Andie said...


Francis Shivone said...

Ambivalence or not, I 'm glad to hear it.

J.Lopez said...

We are in the same situation ourselves. However, it is my girlfriend that has been working and I working on the apartment since I quit my job. I think this may be my only avenue of claiming residency, but I'm afraid they wouldn't accept it since I'm a guy. Would that be discrimination?

What did the letter have to include other than him stating that you've been maintaining the household for the last 12 months?