Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Question of the Week

The question of the week at the Good household is should we get another dog? We started thinking about getting another dog this fall sometime, thinking it might be good for Lucy to have a playmate. She is a very high energy dog, and seems to get bored a lot. When she's bored, she gets into things. She steals shoes, and gets up on the counter, and gets into the garbage can, and the list goes on. We thought a playmate might help with some of that.

When we were in IA at Jake's mom's house and Lucy was not getting along with the dogs there, we thought nope, no way. But then we went to my parents house, and my sister had her two pups there. One was about Lucy's age, and they seemed to get along really well. So we flip flopped again.

When we got back to TX we had a session with our dog trainer, and I asked her what she thought about getting another dog. I'm not even kidding her face lit up, she thought it was a great idea. I got the sense that maybe she had been wanting to suggest this, and had lots of good advice.

So last Friday, I went to the Human Society, and found the cutest little Beagle. He is about 8 months out and has a great personality. I brought Jake to meet him on Sunday.

I think we are both about 90% of the way to saying yes, let's get another dog, but we certainly have some fears. I think the biggest one is. What if Lucy doesn't like this dog, will we be able to bring it back to the Human Society without having our hearts broken.

So as of today, we still do not have another dog. I think there is a part of me that worries someone else will pick up the cute little beagle, but I think that is the chance I must take to make sure we are complete certain about this before we bring him home.

I'll keep you posted.


Andie said...

Beagles are one of the best dogs for children.... for the future. They tend to follow a scent and run run run away, though. Do you have a good fence? (I accidentally let my in-law's beagle out the door to go to the bathroom thinking he'd be like my dog, who would immediately come in. We spend a few hours chasing the beagle through the Oregon farmland.)

My only concern would be whether you are up for another "toddler" in the house. That's how dogs are, but they never grow up :)

It sounds like Lucy could use a companion, though.

Jake Good said...

One thing you said brought up a thought...

"I think there is a part of me that worries someone else will pick up the cute little beagle"

If we didn't go for it, I would rather that someone else took him up, because at least he's adopted to a (potentially) loving family...

Becca said...

Oh I agree whole hearted, that if we don't pick him up, that someone else would, I think I'm just a touch scared that we'll commit and then it will be too late. Guess we'll see today.