Thursday, July 30, 2009

Most exciting moment

I have been waiting for a few of the wedding pictures from the photographer to trickle in before I posted because stories are always better with pictures attached. But I'll go ahead and share a few and maybe add pictures later.

The Dean that I work for did a pretty cool thing when I got back and just asked me a few questions about the wedding, which helped me to give her a couple of good stories from the wedding.

So her first question was, What was the most exciting part of the wedding?

The answer is, seeing Jake for the first time. It was getting to be probably around 2pm and my whole family was in a hotel room, my mom and sisters had gotten dressed, and then helped me get dressed. My dad had come in just to hang out. They were all just kind of dilly dallying and I kept saying get out, get out, I want to see Jake. Finally everyone left, and it was just me and the photogs in the room waiting for Jake. As I waited, my excitement just kept growing.

No one seemed to tell Jake that it was time, and he had been spending the whole day trying not to see me, so he was confused as to what he was supposed to do. I could here him in the hallway talking and finally I shouted, "just come in here".

So he did, and man he looked so handsome, and the way he looked at me, I've never felt more beautiful.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We're back

We're back, we're married, we are starting to peel from the sunburns we got on our honeymoon.

I wouldn't know where to even begin with the excitement that has occurred over the last three weeks. Over the next week, I'll try to pick out a few of the best stories and share pieces of them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My blogger friends are nuts

What's going on today? I'm reading blogs, and I think the internet has gone crazy!

First I read Mrs. Kathy over at mama's losin it, is she really talking about her own funeral? And what's with the picture of Barbie?

Then read Mrs. Muffy over at my friends are sluts, again, what?? is she killing the blog, or worse??

Why are all my friends talking about death?

Next, I go over to my girl at Pugs not Drugs where thankfully she is talking about something other than death. She is discussing the 4th, although not overly happily, and oh, I'll trade you electric bills, Texas, is not cheap in the summer, but then what's with the picture of the kid?? Is that your 4 year out nephew?

Finally, I see Eat this Fort Worth has a new post and I get all excited because we ate dinner with them the other night and I have been impatiently waiting to see my dinner featured on her website, but Noooooo she decided to post about the goings on for the 4th in the Fort.

Come on people help me out here.