Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Organic Food

I have been trying to decide for awhile now if I'm going to make the complete switch to organic food. I go back and forth. Is it more important to make sure the food is locally produced, or organic. It's not that I necessarily have a problem with the way that cows are raised, I just trust organic food more. Funny enough it's mostly when it comes to prepackaged products. I just feel like the organic food companies are not trying to "pass off" their food as good for you, but that it actually IS good for you.

I feel like the people who have decided to produce their food in an organic way really care about what goes into it. This is another reason I really don't like that traditional food companies are coming out with organic products. I lose that trust level when I find out my organic yogurt was produced by Kraft**...

This rambling actually has a question attached. As I continue to weigh the pros and cons of buying organic, I want to know if I'm being too naive in assuming that organic food companies actually care about their product as much as they care about their bottom line?

** not really I'm just using them as an example.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

On health care

I have been talking quite a bit about universal health care lately. I've been emailing with my dad, and posting comments on other peoples blogs. But I try not to start this super long diatribes about it... but this is my blog, and I have a lot to say, so here goes.

When I was in college, I worked for a daycare that was privately owned, ( good job, realizing the american dream and starting your own business) unlike corporation daycare's like Kindercare. I know for a fact that the full time employees didn't get health insurance because Amy* the owner wanted to keep prices competitive. She had a tough choice to make, keep costs down in areas where parents could see, and might complain ( I mean honestly who wants their kid to go to daycare with no playground equipment), OR keep costs down in an area where parents can't see, and hope you get loyal employees who enjoy their job so much they are willing to go without healthcare.

Now Amy could have made a different choice and raised the prices of the day care to make sure that her employees could have access to health insurance, but again at what cost.

We're american's we're fickle, we have no problem going down the street to find a better deal even if it's just by a dollar or two. Are parents willing to take their kids out of one daycare in order to pay $5 less per week? I think they are, and in a capitalist society more power to them.

Now let's talk about Sue, who worked for Amy. Sue could have gone to work for a large corporation and probably had health insurance. She might not have liked her job as much as she did at Amy's, but who care's about liking your job as long as you have health insurance ( Oh wait that is one of those American dreams we are supposed to care about) She could have taken a job just to get health insurance and been a cog in the wheel and made the corporation richer. (making the corporations richer, YES that is what the american dream is about! Oh wait it's not)

Sidebar: My mom worked for a large corporation for a part of my 20's, but the company decided to downsize, and my mom was layed off. As to be expected my parents were upset, and my dad whom I trust tells me to be careful at my current job which was at another large company because those companies don't care about me, and I'm just a number, a sentiment I think a lot of other american's share.

Back to Sue. She has decided to go work for some big company to get benefits, but she doesn't like her job, and she is always worried that she's just a number to them, and some day her number will be up and she'll be layed off (unlike back at Amy's where she liked her job, had input in the curriculum and Amy valued her opinion and she felt like she made a difference, and she knew Amy personally and felt that Amy would do everything in her power to keep from laying Sue off)

So what is the point of this long diatribe??

1. I believe health care shouldn't have to be something you make a choice about.

2. It's not just people who are lazy and don't want to get jobs or who are undocumented who have trouble with health care.

3. Sue had kids, her kids come to school sick because she can't afford to take them to the doctor, and then Jen's* kids get sick. Jen has to miss a couple of days of work to take care of her sick kids, using her vacation time for something other than vacation or maybe just to be dramatic, let's just say Jen doesn't get paid if she isn't at work. (yet another sentiment that pisses off the american public)

4. We all impact each other, let's do some things that take care of one another.

5. I'm not a socialist, I think each person has the right to make thier own decisions about what they buy, whom they buy it from, and what price they pay for it.

6. People like me who have had a pretty easy life so far, good health insurance, parents who loved me and could afford to take care of me, a husband who is successful enough to afford me to go back to school, have a social and moral responsibility to help those who haven't had the same advantages as we have.

7. Did I already say we're all connected? Oh I did? Well here it is again.

8. If we're being good christians who follow god's rules, don't those rules involve helping those are less fortunately then ourselves?

9. Most of us don't like big corporations... they make it hard to get your cell phone fixed, or your cable turned on, they can charge whatever they want because they've run the other companies out of business, why make it so we all have to work for them, because they are the only one's who can afford private health insurance.

10. I didn't get into how much it would have cost Sue to get private health insurance, or that she would have had to qualify and god forbid she have a pre-existing condition like diabetes that she got becuase she loves her some cheap hot McDonalds. (don't judge her, you know you all have your weaknesses, we're bread to by Ronald McDonald, and Joe Camel) So now now can't get her diabetes medication, so she goes into a diabetic coma on her way home from work and rams into the back of your car.

Did I already say we are all connected?

That's all I've got to say.

* The people are real, I knew them, worked with them, and have thought about them on and off for the past 10 years, but the names have been changed. Chances are they won't find out, but why risk it.