Friday, October 29, 2010

100 things project

I've been hearing a lot lately about people who try to whittle their possessions down to just 100 things. I believe this includes all clothing, cooking utensils, and books. I don't know about furniture.

Our house is not exactly small, but it's not exactly large either. However it provides an interesting challenge in that there are two closets total. One in each bedroom, and the only cabinets are in the kitchen. The bathroom even has a pedestal sink, so no drawers or cubbies there either. We've bought things through the years to try and help with the storage issue. A storage area in the bathroom to set our toothbrushes on and store our towels. However, we don't know how long we're going to stay in this house, but we've also been saying that for 3 years now, which I think implies we don't know when we'll leave either.

So taking our unique storage challenge, and the unknown length of our stay, rather than buying anything else to store things, I've decided to make my own 100 things challenge.

I am trying to get rid of 100 things before Nov 15th. I've already thrown some things away, and have some in piles. Over the next few weeks I'll document my attempt. Maybe we can all learn something from it.

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Francis Shivone said...

I've heard of this. I shall be very interested in how it goes.