Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Really? Has it been that long?

August? Really, I haven't written since August. Well as I just read on another blog, I have a lot of excuses, and some of them are actually good.

Here is the short list.

The summer was really hard on me.
I couldn't find a job that fit my new degree
couldn't find anyone who would hire me to do my old type of job
I was really really sad
Good things happened like,
I got a part time job
My sister in law got married
I was still really sad
I was diagnosed with depression
Started treating my depression
Life got a little better, I was less sad
I got a new part time job without leaving old part time job
Left my first part time job
Life should have gotten less crazy, but it didn't
I am less sad

I have grand ideas for writing more often. Let's see if I can do better than all the other times I've tried this..

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