Monday, November 8, 2010

100 Things Project, The Great clothing Debate

In an attempt to create a little more space in our house, I have decided to embark on a modified version of the 100 things project.

Today I'll tackle the great clothing debate. I regularly go through my clothes but inevitably there is a time when I see an outfit I like and think I used to have this really cute dress that was a lot like that. I bet I could recreate that outfit if I still had it.

Case in point, I just got new cowboy boots for my birthday. Right after I got them I saw a women with a really cute dress that she had paired with tights and cowboy boots and thought, I used to have this really cute dress that would have been perfect to recreate that outfit, but alas I had given it away, and of course if I had asked that women where she got here dress, she would have said.... Oh I picked this up at a thrift store like 7 years ago.

Ok this isn't a post about fashion, it's a post about getting rid of things. I am once again going through my closet and having the great clothing debate. I think this time, I'll just throw the things that are worn out, a la need to go in the trash, or things that I just never really wore because the didn't fit right, or hurt to wear (read 4 inch heals).

I'm counting these as items, 2,3, and 4.

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Jess Irish said...

Why don't you send the clothes my way? I never get rid of clothes. My whole extra bedroom is my closet. That way when you think of something you used to have, I can send it back!