Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Delectable Delights- Spring rolls

It hardly seems fair to call this a recipe, it's so easy, but we made these the other night and it was so good.
There are a lot of ingredients for spring rolls, so the chopping can take a long time, but otherwise we made the actual preparation of the rolls part of the dinner.

Basically just get a bunch of stuff you like together.

Here are some items to get you started

lettuce, typically bib lettuce, but I think romaine would work too
cabbage, I bought red cabbage to add a little color
meat (chicken, shrimp, crab) precooked
green onion
rice noodles
rice paper skins
(the last two can most likely be found at any grocery store, they can for sure be found at fancy grocery stores such as Central Market, Lunds, Whole Foods) I also sure you could buy them at an Asian food market.
Based on some rolls I'd had with a friend I also added scrambled egg to our list

soak the rice noodles in hot hot water. I find the directions on the packages to always be misleading because they just tell you to put it in the hottest tap water you can get and soak for 10 minutes. I have never had a variety of rice noodle be soft in hot tap water in ten minutes.
I've started taking boiling water and putting that over the noodles and soaking them for at least 20 minutes. The good thing is you could do this ahead if you wanted because the noodles should be cold for the rolls anyway. Once they are done, take a scissors and snip into little pieces, no need to be precise here.


Chop/Shred all ingredients

If you have some people who like one thing better than the other you can keep everything separate, otherwise you can just throw the cabbage, carrot, cilantro and maybe cucumber all in one bowl.

Like I said we make the preparation part of the meal, just think taco night.

Place all of your ingredients on the table, get a shallow pie plate or similar style bowl with water.
Soak the rice paper skins for about 30 seconds then put it on your plate.

Add ingredients like you would to a burrito or wrap, and wrap.

We used a peanut dipping sauce, but you can use whatever you want.


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Jess Irish said...

We tried to make spring rolls at Mom's one time and followed the directions perfectly. After we rolled them we were supposed to bake them and the rice paper got soooo disgusting. Luckily the insides of the rolls were still delicious!