Monday, November 22, 2010

Half Marathon Attempt number.... Oh I lost count

I have attempted to run longer races before, which I've chronicled, here, here, and here. I didn't have a lot of success before with the full marathon training, so I decided to try a half marathon, but by then I was pretty banged up and had to give up. I tried again this fall, but it was just too hot and I couldn't seem to get the motivation to get up and run when it was cool.

But I've been back at it for a few weeks, I'm up to about 4 miles pretty comfortably, so I'm going for it again. Today was the first official day of training, and what a first run it was.

Jake is out of town for today and tomorrow so I have to figure out how to exercise the dogs as well as myself. So I decided I'd take the dogs with me. Again which I've chronicled before here. Thankfully there was no falling down, but here are a few highlights.

Lucy pulled me for the first half mile. Then she completely pooped out and for the next 2.5 miles Bentley pulled me, and I pulled Lucy. At one point she LAID DOWN. in a puddle. I've been running on and off with them, but I guess it's been more on than off.

Thankfully we finished the run, I can say for now at least, the first day was a success, not speedy, but a success. We'll see how the rest goes.

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Jessica (Numann) Sowers said...

So funny! Good luck on the training! Do they have any kind of fraction of a marathon that's 2 miles? I think I could do that. Seriously though good luck training and I'll look forward to hearing more progress stories!