Friday, February 25, 2011

What to do?

So it's pretty safe to say our house is not in the perfect neighborhood....

After we were robbed, we got a bunch of listings and looked pretty seriously for another place to live. We really weren't finding much in our price range, in a location that we liked, with everything we have here. We actually really like the location. It's centrally located to all of the things we like, our jobs, places we hang out, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. This was a major reason we had trouble finding some else we liked. It seemed to stay in this area we had a choice between really high rents, or apartments. Since Longhorn Lucy has had free range of the backyard since the day we got her, I'm not sure how apartment living would go down. To find a price range we liked with a backyard, we had to give up location.

What we've decided for now is just not to decide for another 6 months. We made this decision after checking with the landlord. I had gotten to a point where I thought the landlord didn't want us to live there anymore. Frankly I thought he didn't want to be in the landlord business anymore. The reason I thought this was that he is not very responsive to us. Doesn't return our e-mails in a timely manor or sometimes at all, says he'll do/fix something and doesn't.

When I last talked with him I flat out asked if he wanted us to move out thinking maybe he'd put the house up for sale and get out of the landlord business. He was quick to respond saying of course they wanted us to stay, and whatever we needed to feel safe in our home again he was open too it. I got back to him with a few things I thought would help, he replied and said he'd get on it. We haven't heard anything since..... Frustrating

Funny enough, there is a house on our same street that is up for rent... it's in our price range, it's bigger, it has a backyard... it's not any safer ( it's on the same street) but it's also not on the corner either.

Is it weird to consider moving down the street? Should I try to use this as leverage with the landlord, should we just wait it out and save ourselves some money and then try to find another place.....

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