Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wherein I invite people to mock us

We are, I think, two fairly intelligent people. But friends we are losing a battle of wits with a mouse who has taken residence in our kitchen. FOR A MONTH!! I'm sure this is not the case, but I have decided mousy snuck in the door when the robbers left it so nicely ajar for him. Just one more thing I can blame on the crooks.

We have tried several different strategies to catch the mouse and on two occasions the hubs has had him trapped in a corner, only to have the little son of a...gun shoot between his legs and back behind the dishwasher.

We bought a trap, but mousy was able to get the peanut butter out without setting off the trap.. Now the thing, the trap that is, sits on our counter mocking us. We read on the internet about a trap where you set up paper towel or toilet paper roll on the edge of the counter with bait at the end, then set a bucket on the floor and wait for the mouse to tip the balance of the roll and fall in. THE INTERNET SWORE IT WOULD WORK!!

Last night as we sat watching tv, we heard a thump..... oh man were we excited. We'd caught the mouse. We began getting our shoes and coats on talking about where we were going to drop mousy off... because you know the internets says you have to drive them at least a mile away from your house.

I'm sure you've already guessed the treats where gone and the tp roll was in the bucket, but the mouse was not.

We are at the point of considering poison which we have avoided up to this point because dogs, and the fact that we cook in the area we'd be placing it. But then again I read on the internet that the smell of a decaying mouse could be toxic so before I get to that point, I am putting a call out. Does anyone have anything that has worked for them in the past to catch a unwelcome guest? Maybe need a different trap? We bought the sticky pad tube kind.


Jessica Irish said...

We have a very sneaky mouse in my house right now too so I am interested to see what kind of things people come up with!

FunnyGal KAT said...

The first winter we lived in our current house (after it had been empty for almost a year), the Pretend Husband caught 50 mice. So I consider him something of an expert.

He uses the old fashioned spring traps (no catch and release for us...) His secret is to smear peanut butter on the bait part and around the spring (so it's very thin and can't be plucked off as a glob). He also sets the traps so they are very, very sensitive and snap at the slightest touch (which has resulted in a couple of sore thumbs, as you can imagine).

I don't recommend poison because the mouse could die somewhere where you can't get to it and it will STINK.

Pamela said...

Weez and the D had success with a larger version of this: http://www.amazon.com/Havahart-1020-Two-Door-3-Inch-Cage/dp/B0000DINGG/ref=pd_sbs_ol_3
when there were some skunks or other undesirable wild-creatures terrorizing their beloved outdoor cats. They borrowed it from animal control.
Plus, (not to invite my own mocking) the humane version means no dead mice to deal with.