Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cowtown 10K recap

Last Saturday I ran the Cowtown 10k here in Fort Worth. I wasn't looking too forward to this event. The Cowtown just hasn't been the most fun race for me. The first year I ran it, it was freezing cold, and super windy. Jake had another event that same day, so I wasn't running with anyone and didn't have anyone to look forward to seeing at the finish line. All in all it was a fine race, but pretty uneventful. Last year, I tried to run the full, then got injured, then tried to run the half.. and things just kind of fell apart after that, I didn't even end up being in town on race day. I ended up signing up for the 10k because my run group paid for my entrance.

The day was much nicer than my first race. A little cool, but no wind. The race started at 7am, so the sun was pretty just on it's way up as we made our way. About 2 miles in, I caught up to a few people in my run group. One of the guys was trying to run about the same pace as me, so we decided to finish the race together. It made the race so much more enjoyable to run with a partner.

I didn't manage to get any pictures myself, but my group grabbed a few good ones. My friend Courtney took this picture on the run, I'm to her right. Ryan took this one of me as we ran.

The course this year seemed much nicer than the first year I did it, and the race was very well run.

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