Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Delectable Delights- Buffalo Chicken Panini

Yet another winner from Cooking Light Magazine. In all honesty you could probably get all of these recipes yourself, but then you'd miss out on my witty comments so stick around. We made these tonight and they were fantastic. I stink at the picture thing. Mostly because it seems like I want to make sure it taste good before I take the picture, but by the time I realize it tastes good there is already a bite out of it. Catch 22 if I ever heard one!! This is so easy, it should hardly count as a recipe. My favorite kind.

Buffalo Chicken Panini

1/4 cup hot pepper sauce, divided (we used Franks Red Hot, it has like zero calories and actually not that much sodium so I'm not even sure why you need to measure it, just pour some on)

1 lbs chicken tenders (you could easily use regular chicken breasts to save a few bucks but the tenders do make it easy)

1/2 cup crumbled blue cheese

6 tablespoons mayo (technically the recipe called for canola mayo but I didn't want to buy it for just one recipe. Has anyone every used it? How does it taste)

8 slices sourdough bread

Preheat broiler

Mix some of the sauce with the uncooked chicken tenders, and throw them on a tinfoil lined baking pan ( trust me it will make for easier clean up)

Broil the chicken 4 minutes on each side

Toss cooked chicken with more sauce.

Combine Mayo and blue cheese and spread on the bread slices ( this ends up being a lot thicker than blue cheese dressing, so I would suggest substituting blue cheese dressing, but it would work in a pinch) Top with chicken

Put the sandwich on a grill pan, a regular pan would easily work too, you just wouldn't get the pretty grill marks, put something heavy on top. We do have a panini press too so we used that, but another pot would work, or in all honesty just cook it like a grilled cheese at this point. Cook for about 3 minutes on each side to get some of the blue cheese to melt.


I meant to serve it with Sweet Potato Fries, but I forgot that until it was 7:15 and we were pretty hungry, so we skipped the fries and went with some pineapple instead.

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Jessica said...

Sounds good! I made Buffalo Chicken "tacos" not long ago. I baked boneless chicken breasts, shredded them, put on Frank's Red Hot, and mixed blue cheese with some may for the sauce. Sounds a lot like your recipe except we rolled it up in tortilla's. If I had celery I would have cut some up just for crunch but otherwise it was very good!