Sunday, June 19, 2011

And baby too

So let's see, new house, new car, new job, why don't we just add a new baby to the mix just to make sure our life looks absolutely nothing like it used too.

Jake and I are expecting our first child at the end of December.

I have been coordinating one of my last classes at the food bank for the last six weeks. Over the course of those six weeks I've been telling the volunteers about all the changes. Tuesday was our last class and one of the volunteers said to me... "well, enjoy your new life" I thought that was a pretty funny comment.

Everyone has a nickname for the baby before it's born. Bean, nut, fig, etc... tells you each week what size your baby is as it compares to a fruit or vegetable. Several weeks ago the compared it to a blueberry, so we've been calling it a blueberry.

It took me serveral weeks to realize that with the last name Good, blueberry is pretty funny in the lamest sense possible.... Berry Good... get it... ha ha. Now I love the nickname even more.

I have been so fortunate to have very minimal symptoms. This made me a little nervous due to our previous experience, but I had a enough symptoms to know that some thing was different. At first my sense of smell was so strong, then I started to get some nausea in the evening. Thankfully no throwing up, and the nausea was pretty minimal. We got to hear the heartbeat and see the first ultrasound pictures last Monday, so that was really exciting.

Since I started working 1 and a half full time jobs, I've been totally exhausted. Somebody take Jake Good out for a beer this week. He deserves it. He's been so helpful these last two weeks.

Thankfully I only have to work full time plus ten hours at the food bank this week and next so that is wrapping up. Hopefully I'll have more time to blog about the blueberry's progression and the other exciting things happening around us this summer.

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