Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's behind door number one?

A NEW Car! Said in my best Bob Barker voice.

So I believe I left off with the new job. There is definitely going to be a adjustment period at my new job. I think I'm not that good at starting new jobs. I think I don't like not know what's going on, I think I'm bad about seeing the flaws in a place instead of focusing on the positives, I think I struggle to get to know co-workers especially when I feel I don't have that much in common with them. All in all I'm just a big negative Nancy. But now let's talk about something fun.

The Sunday before I started my new job, Jake and I went and looked at car as we felt we finally needed to break down and get two. After giving it a lot of thought, and calculating out the dollars, we decided to get an SUV. We've been carting princess Lucy and Sir Bentley around in the back of the Civic for 3 years now, and the poor Civic has been covered in dog hair since. We're hoping to get one of those gate things, to put between the back seat and the cargo area so they can ride back there.

We found a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee that we liked very much, and Monday we went back and picked it up. For now it'll be "my" car and Jake will get his beloved Civic back. And I will no longer have to drive a manual on a regular basis. YEAH!!

Here is a pic Jake snapped while we were still at the dealership.